Crane Disaster Caught on Film…

It’s a safe bet that just about anyone reading GeekDad has seen the series of photos of a mishap involving a crane lifting a submerged car out of the ocean at dockside. I’ve lost count of the number of times the pictures and accompanying story has been forwarded to me by email, so I suspect it’s one of the most-circulated urban legends out there. And, yes, you read that last sentence correctly: the tale of the toppling crane is not completely true, as Snopes points out in their page on the subject.

If you’ve come across this urban legend before and you’re a fan of Lego, I guarantee the following series of pictures will bring a smile to you this morning:

Lego Crane

Lego Crane 2

This gem showed up on Reddit recently, but without any credit for the original creator. If you have any info on the whimsical genius responsible, let me know and I’ll gladly give ‘em credit.