Atlantis’ Last Approach

Atlantis’ Last Approach
For the last time, the US Space Shuttle has
approached the International Space Station (ISS).

Following a dramatic
launch from
Cape Canaveral
last week that was
witnessed by an estimated one million people,
Space Shuttle Atlantis on
lifted a small crew to a welcome rendezvous three days ago with the orbiting station.

Although NASA is discontinuing the aging shuttle fleet, NASA astronauts in the near future will be able to visit the ISS on Russian space flights.

Pictured above, Atlantis rises toward the ISS with its cargo bay doors open, showing a gleaming metallic
Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module.

Over 200 kilometers below lie the cool
blue waters of planet Earth.

The much-anticipated
last glide back to Earth for the Space Shuttle is currently scheduled for next Thursday, July 21.